The Gift Guide For: The Male Clothes Hoarder

The Male Clothes Hoarder: “It’s for the guy who has more clothes than his mom and sister combined.  From bougie blazers to santa socks, you’ll be hard pressed to find any of these picks within his cedar closet.”


Velvet Shawl Blazer via J.Crew  //  It’s bougie, warm, and downright awesome.  J.Crew did a limited run of men’s velvet blazers a couple of years ago that I scored on deep discount.  Can’t say that I wear it very often, but when I do the compliments pour in.FINAL PICK 2

Silk Pocket Square via J.Crew  //  Pocket squares are to men like shoes are to women – you can never have enough.  A great gift for someone who’s trying to stay on a tight budget.FINAL PICK 3

Cashmere Scarf via J.Crew  //  Looking for something more seasonally appropriate?  Go with a cashmere scarf.  If you’re feeling really ambitious, go get his initial or monogram placed on one of the ends (please…nothing large or obnoxious though?)FINAL PICK 4

Santa Socks via Chup  //  You may think they’re dumb, but the gift isn’t for you so your opinion doesn’t really matter now does it?FINAL PICK 5

Leather Gloves via J.Crew Factory  //  Virtually the same as Ralph or Brooks, but at a fraction of the cost.  Take them to a trusty tailor or leatherworks shop and get them embossed with his initials.FINAL PICK 6

Pajama Top via Sleepy Jones  //  This. Is. Awesome.  Sleepy Jones makes some of the coolest pajamas for men and this top is nothing less than amazing.FINAL PICK 7

Leather Slippers by Derek Rose  //  This guide is inspired by the guy who has way too many clothes, but the probability that he has a pair of leather slippers is slim to none.  Yea they’re pricey, but oh-so worth it.FINAL PICK 8

Cashmere Hoodie via Everlane  //  Practical?  No.  Awesome?  Yes.  Again, Everlane is an awesome brand to buy from that’s 100% transparent in their pricing.  Highly recommend.FINAL PICK 9

Spiders Pocket Square via Billy Reid  //  The pattern on this pocket square is awesome.FINAL PICK 10

Perry Vest via Billy Reid  //  Another fantastic piece by Billy Reid.  Love the triple pockets and that it’s thin enough to use as an additional layer underneath a coat.FINAL PICK 11

Chunky Donegal Sweater via Club Monaco  //  A warm, heavy sweater to put to good use after the holidays. FINAL PICK 12

Fair Isle Sweater via J.Crew Factory  //  Another great piece from J.Crew Factory.  FINAL PICK 13

Flannel Pajamas via J.Crew  //  No guy can have too many pairs of pajamas.  Add his initial or monogram for an added touch of personalization. FINAL PICK 14

Layering Vest via J.Crew Factory  //  Handsdown this is one of the best layering vests around.  If he already has it, buy it in another color.FINAL PICK 15

Oversized Scarf via Zara  //  I just bought an oversized scarf a couple of weeks ago and it’s fantastic.  Going to be extremely helpful come winter in DC.FINAL PICK 16

Velvet Cufflinks via Brooks Brothers  //  These are just too cool not to add on the list.FINAL PICK 17

Signature Wool Bomber Jacket via L.L. Bean  //  A little on the rustic side, but it’s from L.L. Bean’s Signature line and looked great in the catalog.  Would work well with lighter jeans, boots, and a simple shirt.FINAL PICK 18

Engine Belt Buckle via Tiffany & Co.  //  If he doesn’t already have a custom belt buckle, this would make for a fantastic gift.FINAL PICK 19

Button Cufflinks via Burberry  //  Unique cufflinks for the guy who’s always buying French-cuff shirts.FINAL PICK 20

Bird Tie via Gant  //  Fun tie with a great texture.

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