The Gift Guide For: The Lush

The Lush: “It’s for the person who loves their liquor.  Whether barware or books, this list has a collection of the booziest gifts.”


Set of Shot Glasses via Izola  //  I think shots are gross, I love the saying on these.FINAL PICK 2

Red Oars Cocktail Stirrers via J.Crew  //  A gift for your #preppy #nautical friend – or just someone who loves to make drinks.FINAL PICK 3

Carry on Cocktail Kit via W&P Design // This is just fantastic.  You can buy a number of different “kits” – the one above is for an Old Fashioned.FINAL PICK 4

Flannel Flask via J.Crew Factory  //  For the tailgate frequenter.FINAL PICK 5

Low Ball Glasses via Tom Dixon  //  I’m a big believer in that you can never have too much barware…ever.FINAL PICK 6

Ice Ball Mold Set via Urban Outfitters  //  A neat gift for the non-neat drinker.  See what I did there? FINAL PICK 7

Lab Whiskey Glass via Pop Char  //  Went to a party awhile back where all of the drinks were served in chemistry jars.  Not exactly my “style,” but I thought the concept was awesome.


Good Thinks to Drink via Ryan Chetiyawardana  //  Saw this book when I was in some random shop in Maryland and thought the photography within was fantastic.  Great coffee table book for the friend who knows (and enjoys) a good drink.FINAL PICK 9

Oversized Wine Glass via Urban Outfitters  //  “One glass” just took on a whole new meaning.


The Homemade Gin Kit via Urban Outfitters  //  One of my friends gave this to me for my birthday last year and it’s awesome.  Why buy your liquor when you can make it yourself?FINAL PICK 11

Whiskey Wedge via Urban Outfitters  //  Who knew Urban Outfitters had such boozy things?  This whiskey wedge is built right into the cup so no need for a separate mold or anything.FINAL PICK 12

Colored Margarita Salt via Dellcove Spices  //  Not much of a margarita fan, but for someone who is they’ll love this set of colored margarita salt.FINAL PICK 13

Gin & Tonic Popcorn via Firebox  //  Another personal, biased pick.  #GinningFINAL PICK 14

Whiskey Rocks via SPARQ  //  For the whiskey drinker on your list.FINAL PICK 15

Gin & Tonic Glass via DCI  //  I think this is just fantastic…FINAL PICK 16

Gin Notepad via Of Life & Lemons  //  Last gin-related gift I promise…FINAL PICK 17

Tequila Mockingbird via Tim Federle  //  A cocktail recipe book with a literary focus – I’ve paged through this before and it’s great.  Highly recommend!FINAL PICK 18

Book of Essential Cocktails via The New York Times  //  I’ll bet it’s a bestseller 😉FINAL PICK 19

Woodnote Jigger via Anthropologie  //  A bar chart must.  If you’re feeling up for the challenge get the wood etched with his/her initials.FINAL PICK 20

Craft Cocktail Party Book via Anthropologie  //  Another fantastic cocktail book that I can personally vouch for.

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