The Gift Guide For: The Guy Who Has Everything

The Guy Who Has Everything: “It’s for the guy who – at this point – is impossible to buy for.  The only thing he wants is “something different.”  From home accents to simple accessories, this guide has none of the #basics.”


Cavalry Throw via Woolrich  //  Woolwich has been around since the 1800s and is best known for producing outerwear and blankets for the war.  A great gift for someone who’s moved into a new space. FINAL PICK 2

Garment Bag via Ernest Alexander  //  Ideal for the frequent traveler of the bunch.  FINAL PICK 3

Notebook via Alwych  //  It sounds bizarre, but these notebooks are fantastic to write in.  When I journaled (really need to pick that back up), I used this exact notebook.FINAL PICK 4

Leather Travel Wallet via Club Monaco  //   A gift for the frequent flyer – or the “I have a card for that” person.FINAL PICK 5

Leather Travel Roll-Up via Mark & Graham  //  Love these things.  A practical gift to keep one’s wires, cords, and electronic “stuff” all in one, convenient spot.FINAL PICK 6

Handkerchief Set via Lands’ End  //  A great, personalized gift that won’t make you go bankrupt.  FINAL PICK 7

Document Folder via Appointed  //  For the neurotic, neat-freak who considers “organizing” to be relaxing.  Looks like I just described myself with this one.FINAL PICK 8

Cedar Shoe Trees via Saks  //  Cedar shoe trees make a great gift because you can never have too many of them.  Feeling extra ambitious?  Get his initials burned into the top of the wood.FINAL PICK 9

One-Two Set via Harry’s  //  For the guy who spends an obscene about of time in front of the mirror.  (PSA:  If you haven’t tried Harry’s for yourself you really should…)FINAL PICK 10

Zip Folio via Mark & Graham  //  Another practical gift for the guy who has many “things.”  I use one of these when I travel to keep my headphones, charger, notebook, calendar, and other random junk I probably will never need.FINAL PICK 11

Deck of Cards via Hermès  //  Not exactly impractical, but than again we are talking about designer playing cards.  Probably the only thing that you can buy from Hermès that costs less than a Benjamin.FINAL PICK 12

Bar Soap via Tom Ford  //  Another gift idea for the Narcissus of the bunch.FINAL PICK 13

Scented Candle via NEST  //  Drop that dumb Dyptique and get yourself a NEST Fragrance candle.  #LongLiveLauraSlatkinFINAL PICK 14

Birthday Newspaper via The New York Times  //  This is actually a pretty cool gift.  It’s the complete New York Times on the day of the recipient’s birth.  FINAL PICK 15

Hotel Notepads via Herb Lester  //  Replica notepads of hotels from iconic films.  Great gift for someone who appreciates the older movies of past generations.FINAL PICK 16

Humans of New York via Brandon Stanton  //  An iconic book that everyone should own.FINAL PICK 17

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide via Alexandra Redgrave  //  For the guy who has it all, but it still tragically sheltered from the world outside his window.FINAL PICK 18

Leather Tie Canister via Jack Spade  //  Another fun accessory for the frequent traveler. FINAL PICK 19

Extension Cord via Conway Electric  //  Added this to my personal list because I thought it was so cool.  FINAL PICK 20

Vanity Fair Print via Vanity Fair  //  I absolutely adore these prints by Vanity Fair.  They’re pretty easy to find online and I think they make great gifts for any guy that has even the slightest appreciation of art and fashion.  I now own three with the one above being a personal favorite.

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