The Gift Guide For: The Female Clothes Hoarder

The Female Clothes Hoarder: “It’s for the girl who “literally” has more clothes than she knows what to do with.  From leather gloves to unique dresses, picks are from an array of stores with a wide price spectrum.”


Silk Nightshirt via J.Crew  //  Add on a monogram on the left pocket or cuff and you’re set to go.FINAL PICK 2

Italian Leather Gloves via J.Crew  //  A simple gift that won’t murder your bank.  Take them to any reputable tailor/leatherworks and have them embossed with her name, monogram, or initials. FINAL PICK 3

Conversationalist Buttondown via Maeve  //  Alright – this one is a little more out in left-field, but I thought the pattern was cool considering the season.FINAL PICK 4

Bib Necklace via Anthropologie // For the love of God put down the fake, glass “pearls” and get a normal piece of jewelry. This oversized bib necklace from Anthropologie is great.FINAL PICK 5

Faux Fur Stole via Anthropologie  //  A gift for the PETA activist on your list.FINAL PICK 6

Violet Feather Vest via Club Monaco  //  A gift for the non-PETA activist on your list.FINAL PICK 7

St. Louis Sunglasses via KREWE  // We’ve already established she has more clothes than Nordstrom, so take a walk on the wilder side.  I saw a girl with shades similar to these at the Harriman Cup and thought they were awesome…FINAL PICK 8

Crystal Necklace via Rada Ellie  //  For the girl who like to make a statement in whatever she does.  FINAL PICK 9

Faux Fur Gloves via Club Monaco  //  Warm, chic, and reasonably priced.  FINAL PICK 10

Celise Snood via Club Monaco  //  Great for someone who lives in a climate with a miserably cold winter.FINAL PICK 11

The Modern Point Loafer via Everlane  //  I think these are awesome.  Everlane is a fantastic brand with high quality garments that aren’t hyper-inflated.  They’re actually 100% upfront about how much it costs to produce their products.  Top pick in my opinion. FINAL PICK 12

Sienna Coat via Boden // Another great, underrated brand.  FINAL PICK 13

Eva Boot via Coach // Unlike those Tory Burch riding boots with the emblazoned logo, these are the furthest from click.  #SorryNotSorryFINAL PICK 14

Oversized BF Sweater via Callahan  //  It looks super comfortable…great for the girl who  enjoys weekends isolated from humanity. FINAL PICK 15

Long Pleats Dress via Black Crane //  Alright, another pick out from left field but I really like it and thought it was different.  FINAL PICK 16

Factory Dress via Stelen  //  Always been a fan of collared dresses  – promise this is the last “out-there” pick.FINAL PICK 17

Rain Boots via Hunter  //  Terribly cliche, but hey if you’re really stuck these are a great go-to because you know she’s going to love them (even if she already has a pair).  When it comes to colors, black or green are always great go-tos.FINAL PICK 18

Regent Blazer via J.Crew  //  You can never go wrong with one of these…go for a bold color if she already has the staple navy/camel.FINAL PICK 19

Cocoon Coat via J.Crew  //  Dress it up or dress it down, the only decision you need to make is what color to get it in.FINAL PICK 20

Checkmate Scarf via Madewell  //  Worst comes to worst, go for an oversized scarf.  The pattern on this one is great.


    • Dean

      Ha! Not exactly the most “traditional” picks, but I though they were interesting and said, “Why the hell not.” Glad to see a vote of confidence for the loafers – that brand is so cool.


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