The Gift Guide For: The Dean

The Dean: “It’s inspired by me – Dean – so you know it’s going to be fantastically insane.”



Buffalo Plaid Sweater via J.Crew  //  I’ve never been a fan of buffalo plaid (always reminded me of a lumberjack), but this sweater I dig.  Warm, comfortable, and easily paired with denim and boots.FINAL PICK 2

Peak Lapel Topcoat via J.Crew  //  Have this in navy and it is my all time favorite topcoat.  Love it so much that I’m asking for another…FINAL PICK 3

Chelsea Boots via Maison Margiela //  These. Are. Fantastic. Absolutely must acquire these.FINAL PICK 4

The Sweater Blazer via Everlane  //  Always wanted one of these blazer/cardigan/sweater hybrids and these one from Everlane is great.  FINAL PICK 5

The Spirit of Gin via Matt Teacher  //  I love gin.  Naturally, I love this book.FINAL PICK 6

Breast Pocket Wallet via Coach // I usually carry around a simple card wallet, but I seem to have a card for just about everything.  Saw a guy carrying around one of these tall wallets and thought it was fantastic.  FINAL PICK 7

Windowpane Blazer  via Lands’ End // I’ve talked about these blazer a number of times and seeing as it’s now on sale, I might just make things easy and buy the thing myself. #TreatYoSelfFINAL PICK 8

Astor Overcoat via Billy Reid  //  Alright I still love the topcoat from J.Crew, but these piece by Bill Reid is a come runner up.  Compared to the prices the brand usually sells its clothes for, this overcoat is pretty reasonable. FINAL PICK 9

2016 Sweater  via Hillflint // I know this sweater is for a specific college, but it’s cool, I like it, and so I want it.  ‘Nuff said.FINAL PICK 10

Gin Decanter via One King’s Lane  //  Practical?  No.  Awesome?  Yes.  FINAL PICK 11

Hermès Voyage Print via Melissa Van Hise  //  Fantastic black and white Hermès print.  I’m pretty sure I have nowhere to hang it, but I shall certainly find one should it end up under the Christmas tree *cough* Mom *cough*FINAL PICK 12

Mini Gramophone via Restoration Hardware // I just think this is fantastic.  Nothing else.FINAL PICK 13

Humans of New York via Brandon Staton  //  Had it before, lost it, and now I’m asking for it once again.  On sale for a bargain at Amazon.FINAL PICK 14

Noir de Noir via Tom Ford //  Fantastic, masculine fragrance.  Had a tiny bottle that ran out a couple of months ago, but couldn’t bring myself to buy another. FINAL PICK 15

Extension Cord via Conway Electric //  Great for those who consider their “home office” to be their bed.FINAL PICK 16

Mini Humidifier via 11+  //  This looks semi-dangerous…guess I’ll just have to try and find out!FINAL PICK 17

Cashmere Hoodie via Brooks Brothers //  Boogie?  Yea…but there is nothing more fantastic that spending a winter workday in your home enveloped in cashmere. FINAL PICK 18

Check Knit Blazer via Brooks Brothers // I love a good crazy jacket and this one is no exception.  Not exactly the most practical, but because it’s lack of construction makes it a bit more of a casual piece.  Great for New Year’s eve!FINAL PICK 19

Silk Pocket Square via J.Crew  //  Because having too many pocket squares is never possible.FINAL PICK 20

Colorblock Sweater via J.Crew Factory // Considering this is from the factory, I think it’s great.  Awesome pattern, heavy material, and a dirt-cheap price tag.


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