The Gift Guide For: The Budget Conscious

The Budget Conscious: “It’s for the person that you’d love to spend a fortune on, but just can’t (at least right now).  From funny books to practical toiletries, everything on this list is under the $25 mark.”


Wool Herringbone Pocket Square via J.Crew Factory  //  A great pocket square in a seasonal fabric.  Add his initials or monogram to one of the corners for a personal touch.FINAL PICK 2

Plaid Scarf via J.Crew Factory  //  Simple, affordable, and practical.  FINAL PICK 3

Cedar Wood Soap Dish via Owen & Fred  //  Alright, not exactly the most “exciting” idea, but it would make a great gift for the friend that’s moved into a new space.  This soap dish helps keep your bar “healthy” and bacteria free.FINAL PICK 4

Stick-Up Weekly Calendar via Urban Outfitters  //  Just bought this and I’m far too excited for it to come in. FINAL PICK 5

Who’s Most Likely To Game via Urban Outfitters  //  Think Cards Against Humanity, but with more judgement.FINAL PICK 6

Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You via Urban Outfitters  //  For the pessimist of the bunch.  Now that I think about it, I should really buy this for myself.FINAL PICK 7

Body Wash via Baxter  //  For the guy that’s still using Axe body wash…FINAL PICK 8

Workshirt Tie via J.Crew Factory  //  Believe it or not, J.Crew Factory has some great neckwear for guys – like the one above.FINAL PICK 9

Travel Kit via J.Crew Factory  //  For the guy who still thinks it’s acceptable to travel with his toiletries in a plastic bag…FINAL PICK 10

Body Cleansing Slab via Aesop  //  Own this myself and I really like it.  Again, not the most exciting but staying under $25 isn’t the most easiest of tasks…FINAL PICK 11

Utility Wallet via Need Supply Co.  //  Similar to the breast pocket wallet by Coach, but at a fraction of the cost.FINAL PICK 12

Bravado Dry Cologne via Alfred Lane  //  THIS STUFF IS AWESOME.  Found it when I was a subscriber of Bespoke Post and now use it all the time.  The scent is fantastic. FINAL PICK 13

Humans of New York via Brandon Stanton  //  Still think this is one of the best gifts you can give someone.  Such an inspiring book to page through. FINAL PICK 14

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide via Alexander Redgrave  //  I just love the title of this book.  Feel it’s a great gift for the sheltered friend on your list (like myself).FINAL PICK 15

Camel Scarf via ASOS  //  Warm, heavy, and affordable.  What’s not to like?FINAL PICK 16

Selfies iPhone Case via  //  Saw this iPhone case and thought it was neat/cool.  Great for the friend who uses snapchat way too much…FINAL PICK 17

Ego Notepad via Knock Knock  //  I love salty things like this…FINAL PICK 18

WTF Calendar via Slant  //  For the person who’s a little too obsessed with their to-do lists.FINAL PICK 19

Six Foot iPhone Cord  via IXCC  //  I want one of these SO bad.FINAL PICK 20

Winter Essentials Kit via Harry’s  //  Harry’s is great.  I got one of these kits last year and have been a customer of the brand ever since.  Great grooming products at a price that won’t murder your wallet.

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