The Gift Guide For: The Big Spender

The Big Spender: “It’s for the person that you’d love to spend a fortune on and so you do.  From luggage that costs more than your tuition to books with price tags in the $800s, this list is the furthest from #relatable.”


Saxon Wool Turtleneck via Brooks Brothers  //  A fantastic navy turtleneck made out of a heavy – yet soft – wool.FINAL PICK 2

The Weekender via Lotuff  //  An underrated leatherworks company that products great, sturdy accessories for both men and women.FINAL PICK 3

Wireless Headphones via B&O  // They’re cool to look at and even better to listen out of. FINAL PICK 4

21″ Trolly Case via Globe Trotter  //  Baggage by Globe Trotter makes your LV Keepall look like peanuts.  This trolly is handmade that comes in a variety of color combinations.  It’s absolutely one of the most ultimate items on the list. FINAL PICK 5

Shearling Track Jacket via Coach  //  I don’t know what it is, but I think this jacket is awesome.  Totally impractical, a little rapper-like, but God does it look warm.  Shame it costs $2k.FINAL PICK 6

Alligator Case via W. Kleinberg  //  Buy it for yourself and you’ll have nothing to put inside once you pay the credit card bill.FINAL PICK 7

Avalon Blanket via Hermès  //  It’s the ultimate blanket and an absolute classic.FINAL PICK 8

Screw Your Slippers via Stubbs & Wootton  //  Still think that these are the best pair of slippers I own.  FINAL PICK 9

Champagne Case via Tiffany & Co.  //  Yea…no comment.  Found it and thought it was too bougie not to put on this list.FINAL PICK 10

Concorde Print via One King’s Lane  //  I love this…so much… I’m a complete sucker for vintage prints/sketches and this one is no exception.  FINAL PICK 11

Chanel No. 5 via Chanel  //  A classic for the ladies.FINAL PICK 12

Noir de Noir via Tom Ford  //  And one for the guys.FINAL PICK 13

Identity Suite via Thorn Willow  //  Now I think this is probably one of the best picks on this list.  Thorn Willow is a boutique letterpress company.  They make everything from identity cards to stationary to custom invitations.  This “suite” is basically all of their products put together in one, fantastic collection. FINAL PICK 14

Louis Vuitton Windows via Louis Vuitton  //  A coffee table book that probably costs more than the coffee table…FINAL PICK 15

Peekaboo Bag via Fendi  //  One of the most popular pieces from the iconic fashion house.FINAL PICK 16

The Beauty Box Kit via Barneys  //  Give this to your girlfriend and she’ll probably faint from being so overwhelmed.  Yea it’s luxe, but it’s priced at $450 and valued at $1,440 – not too bad if you ask me.FINAL PICK 17

Hooded Cashmere Cardigan via Brooks Brothers  //  Nothing beats cashmere loungewear on a cold winter day.FINAL PICK 18

Printed Silk Scarf via Hermès  //  Another classic (luxe) gift that will never go out of style.FINAL PICK 19

Rouge Louboutin Necklace via Louboutin  //  I actually think this is pretty cool, though it’ll probably be the most expensive tubes of lipstick you’ll ever buy.FINAL PICK 20

Ricky Zip-Around Wallet via Ralph Lauren  //  Be prepared to empty your wallet for this one…

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