Sourced: The Cambridge Chukka Boot

Sourced #4

The Cambridge Chukka Boot: A pair of chelsea boots have been on my acquisitions list for awhile (like over a year).  I’ve probably tried on a dozen or two pairs, have come close to buying one, but then chicken out at the last minute because they just don’t work for me (yet).  But I was browsing Gilt last week and came across these boots by Cole Haan.  If you don’t have a Gilt account you’re nuts…especially if you’re one who seeks out a good deal.  These were originally around $270, marked down to $140, and with an additional 30% off were picked up for just under $100.  I (painfully) broke them in this week, but have come to really like them.  I admit I’m still a bit on the fence about the detailing of the toe of the shoe, but it’s nice to have something different.  So guys, trade in your #basic boat shoes and get something with some actual style.


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