Sourced: The Red Houndstooth Blazer

Sourced #3

The Red Houndstooth Blazer: Womenswear isn’t my thing – I’ve said it hundreds of times – but every now and then something will catch my eye as I’m booking it to the back corner of the store where the meager men’s section is.  That something is the red houndstooth blazer featured above.  It’s fantastically bold and reminds me of this jacket I picked up about a year ago from Gilt.  It was a Brooks Brother Black Fleece #RIP silk jacket that was priced at an ungodly low price.  Anyways – back to the blazer.  I dig it – even the paired navy and white striped shirt that the model’s wearing on the website.  Shame they don’t sell a men’s jacket with the pattern…I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.


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