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Needlepoint:  It use to be something for the old folks – think grandma sitting in a LazyBoy chair with a basket full of colorful spool as she pins some tacky saying (like “Bless your heart”) on a rough, white canvas.  But now?  Quite the opposite…just about every traditional brand (and I use the word traditional because we all know my feelings towards the modern day definition of “preppy”) carries some belt with some overused pattern.

But Tucker Blair is different – especially on the design front.  I hate to sound patronizing (ehh – maybe I enjoy it just a bit), but TB was…well…pretty basic circa four years ago before Matt Tara bought out the brand.  I don’t know how many of you remember, but their website was HORRIBLE, their belts weren’t that great, and their price-point was vastly inflated compared to the quality (only reason I know is because I had – emphasis on had – one of their original pieces that fell apart after a dozen or so wears).

Tucker Blair Duck Belt 05

Which brings us to Tucker Blair today – a wildly different brand that doesn’t just sell super-cool belts at a price we can all afford, but wallets, sandals, flasks, and (from what I hear through the grapevine) custom, travel duffle bags.  In many respects, it’s been cool to watch – to see a brand not just be resurrected from the grave, but to be totally rebranded.

And sure rebranding always involves some extra pomp and circumstance (top-tier blogger featuring the products, glossy magazine editorials, and fancy new packaging), but it also involves re-tooling the manufacturing processes.  Seeking out better leathers that hold-up longer than the competitors (I’m not naming any names but I’m sure you all can use your imagination) even at more affordable prices.  It’s really doing a complete do-over with the name of the brand being the only identifiable remnant from the past.

Which raises the question – so what?  Who gives a damn.  Well for guys, our fashion options are pretty limited.  Let’s be honest, the only “statement pieces” we really have access to are slippers and custom belts.  Sure you can buy a wildly patterned blazer or some go-to-hell trouser, but how many times can you wear said piece after its initial debut…the answer?  Not too many.

Needlepoint belts are really just a great form of expression – kinda like those “Screw You” slippers I featured a couple of weeks ago but at a more bearable piece.  Whether it’s your fetish towards Grand Wagoneers (I’m not “preppy” enough to understand it quite yet), your Irish heritage, or your love of the second amendment – Tucker Blair probably definitely has a belt that suits your not-so-typical interior style.

Tucker Blair Duck Belt 02

So forget the traditional brown belt and #treatyoself to something a little more personal. Priced at around the same cost as one of those wretched Shep Shirts you probably had on your Christmas list in high school (If you don’t regret that decision I pray you see the light ASAP), don’t let another Benjamin go down the garbage disposal and buy a Tucker Blair belt (or flask) that suits your style.



  1. Sam Galvin

    Great Post. Use the code TBCollege_Galvin for 20% off your Tucker Blair Online purchase. Also, remember to Instagram your TB Gear. #classicallycasual #FallTB #nomorebrownbelts

  2. Mark

    The only problem is, the whole point of a needlepoint belt used to be that someone (usually your girlfriend) made it by hand for you with a pattern that was made to reflect your interests. Go on and read the OPH for confirmation. To wear a needlepoint belt you bought from a merchant that makes the same needlepoint belt for hundreds, possibly thousands of other people is pretty inauthentic and poseur-esque. It would be like buying pre-distressed boat shoes that came from the factory with gaffing tape around one toe,

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