The Dean’s List

ONE // Would you believe this massive, private garden and estate is in the middle of Georgetown Proper? Went here over the weekend and the views/scenery were incredible.  Full post to come later this week…


TWO //  I spent all of Saturday in Georgetown, which involved stopping into the J.Crew on M street…where I found this sports coat.  It’s fantastic.  I didn’t buy it because my mom gave me the “You definitely already have this” look, but temptation will soon give in.  I suspect it shall be in my possession by the end of the week.  Possibly sooner.

THREE  //  I stopped into two vintage shops that I’ve always wanted to go into – Opportunity Shop & L’Enfant Gallery.  Christ Child has some really cool things – like this massive Hermès perfume bottle along with a number of cool photographs.  I left with an 1890s print from Harper’s Weekly.  L’Enfant is insane (place with the $110k JFK print), but is totally worth going into just to stare in awe.

FOUR  //  Went to the Kennedy Center and saw Steve Martin.  I had no idea he played music and while that form of music was – unfortunately – the banjo, it was actually pretty cool.  Still would rather see the National Symphony as lame as that sounds…

FIVE  //  Even though it’s pretty touristy, the French Onion soup from Martin’s Tavern is awesome…and conveniently placed as it’s a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Ralph Lauren (that currently has a great sale going on right now).



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