It’s Always Cocktail Hour at the Hour

Walking around Old Town Alexandria the other weekend, I came across this wonderful block of King Street.  Each store I went into was better than the last, but none of them could pale in comparison to the small piece of heaven called the Hour.

What makes this store stand above all the rest?  It is entirely devoted to vintage barware from the 20s through the 70s.  Covering two entire floors, there were so many complete sets of barware that I couldn’t move without practically bumping into something.

As Sinatra & Co. crooned out of the speakers, I think I felt a tear run down my cheek after spotting this incredible set from the 30s depicting scenes from a hunt.  The detail that was used to create these glasses was just amazing and definitely not something you would find today because of the cost associated with using enamel.

The Hour Horse Set

The other thing that makes these older pieces so great is that their designs were/still are so original.  The glass and enamel cocktail shakers list an array of drinks that have been making a comeback in recent years, as well as a few that probably will never return to their former level of fame (have you ever heard of or had a Dubonnet?  The only reason I have is because I saw an 85 year-old order it once).

The Hour Bar CartIf you go, be sure to check out the Art Deco room in the back of the first floor where you’ll gaze in awe at walls of silver cocktail shakers and other silver bar accessories.  Word to the wise: if you buy silver, don’t forget that it has to be polished or else it will tarnish.  I’ve spent many a Sunday nights sitting on my floor watching Homeland or Mad Men polishing silver because #adultlife.

The Hour Cocktail ShakersWhile the items in the Hours are not exactly on the low-end of the price spectrum, the prices and selection are better than those at the M Street antique stores, so I highly suggest checking it out.

The Hour is located at 1015 King Street between Patrick and Henry Streets in Alexandria.

-John David


  1. This is a fun store. I live in Old Town and enjoy stopping in every so often and seeing what’s new. Only thing is, it’s so crowded, I’m afraid I’m going to break something (which I probably couldn’t afford!).

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