Now That Summer’s Over, What’s Next For @AckVHamps?

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I don’t know how, where or even when it happened, but sometime earlier this year, I stumbled across the Instagram account @ackvhamps.  The brilliant concept of comparing the many differences between summer hotspots the Hamptons and Nantucket is the brainchild of Mr. NVH (as he likes to be called) and his former Harvard Graduate School of Design classmate, Mallie Loring Pratt.

Since May, the duo has uploaded 29 watercolors to their Instagram account, humorously comparing everything from newspapers and sedatives to footwear and food.

Packing up. Where are you headed for Memorial Day Weekend? #nantucket #hamptons #llbeanvlouisv #ackvhamps @llbean @louisvuitton

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I’ve been hooked since roughly week one and in the months since, I’ve actually purchased three of Pratt’s watercolors to give as gifts to people.  After my third purchase a few weeks ago, I had the chance to chat with Mr. NVH over email about the future of the @ackvhamps account now that autumn is officially here.

As their post above from a few weeks ago shows, the end of the summer means back to the city for this duo as well.  Mr. NVH told me that he and Pratt plan to keep the momentum from this summer going by focusing on places where the Nantucket and Hamptons crowd go after they close up their summer shacks.

For now, it’s back to the cities (New York vs. Boston) and then down to Palm Beach vs. Boca in the winter.  They’ve also got plans for a coffee table book/visual travel guide which will most certainly find a way onto my coffee table the second it comes out.

Oh, and when I asked about which of the two summer destinations they favored, Mr. NVH diplomatically responded saying “We love both Nantucket and The Hamptons the same, but it’s fun having our followers guess which side we favor ;)”

I only hope they like Palm Beach more than Boca…

-John David.

AckVHamps prints can be purchased for $50 (or $150 framed) and are available in limited sets of 59.

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