Sourced: The Flagship Flannel Shirt

Sourced #2

The Flagship Flannel Shirt: I’ll be honest, I never really liked flannel.  It reminded me of grizzly lumber jacks or – worse – outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and anything that involves some ugly, heavy backpack.  But after coming to DC and battling my first winter without a set of wheels, I could no longer afford to endorse such prejudice.  So I picked up a couple of flannel pieces – like the one above from Lands’ End priced at a cool $49 (use code “HAPPY” for an additional 30% off).  While I admit I’d rather wear an OCBD (hell…even a non-iron!), flannel shirts are one of the best ways to stay warm without having to add on 3+ layers.  They’re practical, durable, and one of the few actual pieces you should purchase for the cold month age.  Buy it



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