Screw You

They’re inappropriate, rude, and border-line offensive, but God are they cool.  I’ve had my eyes on the “College” slippers by Stubbs & Wootton for years.  I can’t remember where I first saw them – pretty sure it was either Scott Disick or a random real estate agent on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing (still an avid watcher) – but that’s beside the point.

The shoes are fantastic – comfortable, true to size, and durable (as long as you treat them with respect).  While you may not be able to wear them on a weekly basis, they’re a fun piece to have – an item to break out on a horrible Monday (like today) or when you’re going to some random event (they’re a fantastic conversation starter).

I paired the shoes with an outfit (I refuse to use the word “uniform” *rolls eyes*) I wear on the regular during the fall.  The shirt is an ancient Brooks Brothers non-iron (if you don’t have one you are seriously failing at life right now) along with an old pair of pants from Billy Reid.  The suit is one of my most recent acquisitions.  It’s from the J.Crew Ludlow line made out of a heavier wool flannel (great for the fall and winter).  A piece like this is fantastically versatile especially if you decide to invest in the full suit.  Word of advice?  Buy the jacket first (make sure you get some discount – you should easily be able to score 30% off if not more) and then wait until the pants go on sale where you’ll be able to swipe them up for $100 bucks or less.  The end result?  A full, well-made suit for around $400.

Accessories were the usual standard that included an old pair of ray-bans, a linen pocket square, a simple watch from Daniel Wellington (you can save 15% off here), and a light-brown belt I picked up at a random side-street shop in Athens.

So screw you, Monday…and every other day that doesn’t begin with an “S.”

PS:  I know Stubbs are on the pricer side, which is why you need to subscribe to their mailing list.  Stubbs will do a huge sale about twice or so a year with discounts going as high as 75% off.  This is how I bought my first pair paying somewhere around $150 – an absolute bargain.


Shirt: Brooks Brothers  //  Pants: Billy Reid  //  Suit: J.Crew  //  Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton c/o  //  Watch: Daniel Wellington c/o  //  Sunglasses: Ray Ban  //  Pocket Square: J.Crew  //  Belt: Random shop in Greece

Photography by Dina Joanna

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