31st Annual Harriman Polo Cup

Last weekend I dressed in my summer’s best to do what I do best: judge.  For the past few years, the Harriman Cup has been the marker for the “last chapter of summer” – a final chance to wear one’s seersucker jacket and/or obnoxiously colored pair of pants before permanently retiring them to the back of the closet.

Brooks, Lilly, and Ralph were all represented in mass as small crowds of people poured into the park. Women came in their patterned summer dresses with large, floppy hats as their dates trailed behind them dressed in navy jackets and bright bow-ties with boat-n-totes in tow.  Tailgates rose from the ground and drinks were poured with the regular “pop” of champagne bottles.

While the sky was scattered with clouds that included the occasional fit of rain, Mother Nature dampened our clothes, but not our spirits.  Divots were stomped and shameless selfies were taken as people took advantage of the final chance to summer in style.  Cheers to another Harriman Cup as we throw up the peace sign to summer.


PS: Special thanks to the entire Harriman host committee for a fantastic event and to my illustrious co-judge, Karen Klopp of What2WearWhere.

Harriman Cup 2015 04 Harriman Cup 2015 06

Cloudy skies descending on Bethpage Polo ParkHarriman 1

UVA pin on a soft-coat blazerHarriman Cup 2015 20

UVA signet ring against a seersucker suit by BonobosHarriman Cup 2015 24 Harriman 2

Our “Best Dressed Man” featuring a vintage, Lilly Pulitzer blazer and well-worn leather accessories.Harriman Cup 2015 40

The coolest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen…(similar here)Harriman Cup 2015 41

Pastel pants were not in short supply.Harriman 3 Harriman Cup 2015 51

Meg Towner in a vintage, Brooks Brothers equestrian skirt Harriman Cup 2015 58

The referee for the match.Harriman 4

L: A little white Dress  //  R: Yale Silk Belt )Harriman Cup 2015 64

Shades of blueHarriman Cup 2015 68

Classic cricket sweater (similar) – and a smileHarriman 5

L: Double Breasted Blazer via SuitSupply  //  R: Hermés Equestrian Bow TieHarriman Cup 2015 71

Gucci Horsebit Loafer with a Polo Mallet Harriman Cup 2015 73

A white eyelet dress featuring an umbrella by Veuve Clicquot Harriman Cup 2015 75

The Harriman CrewHarriman Cup 2015 77

Colorful Conversations Harriman Cup 2015 53

Player on the UVA TeamHarriman Cup 2015 80

D & JDHarriman Cup 2015 81

UVA x Yale Slippers c/o JP CricketsHarriman Cup 2015 84 Harriman 6

L: Veuve  //  R: LouisHarriman Cup 2015 88

A Bask Blazer (read about them here and here)Harriman Cup 2015 92

Colorful TrousersHarriman Cup 2015 94

One of the few people I’ve ever seen who can successfully pull of an ascotHarriman Cup 2015 99

A victory toast Harriman Cup 2015 103

“Can we Uber from Long Island?”


  1. I love these pictures! The different splash of colors here and there, and how classy everyone looks. Makes me want to attend one of those Polo Cup events! : )

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