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Syllabi are out, textbooks are bought, and my desk?  Not as cluttered as years past.  I’ve never done a quote “desk post,” but Urbio reached out to me earlier this summer with a product  called “Perch.”

Perch is pretty simple – it transforms any surface-wall into an extension of your desk.  Highlighters?  Gone.  Agendas and spiral notebooks? Bye bye.  Pens, pencils, and paper-clips.  To the wall you go.

Perch 10

What’s great about Perch (other than it being is breeze to install) is that you can move them anytime you want, and fill them with anything in need of safe keeping – or easy access.  Urbio began as a tool for “urban gardening” (think interior walls covered in plants) for people with limited space.  When they saw that people (like college students) were using their products to organize their spaces, they expanded their line via Perch.

You can attach the wall plates with either screws (don’t recommend if you can’t have holes in your walls) or command strips (on the world’s better inventors over the past decade), both included in Perch kits.  The point?  You can use them as your needs change (unlike those horrendous plastic crates you though were “cool” back as a freshman).

Perch 06

I’m currently using mine above my desk, but have tossed around the idea of getting my hands on another and setting them all up on a vacant wall near my entryway to serve as a one-stop-shop for keys, sunglasses, mail, and all the other small-things I seem to forget before walking out the door.  As someone who hates cluttered spaces, I just might Perch an entire wall – I can already envision the staged Instagram…

Perch 05

So whether you’re in a dorm or big-person-apartment, take a look at Perch if you’re serious about getting organized. The key to making the best of any seal-space is to optimize.  Whether it’s underneath your bed or on a wall, thinking a little outside the box can do wonders.

Special thanks to Perch for sponsoring this post.

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