Top 31 Gifts for Men

The holidays are finally here as we enter into the last stretch of 2013.  Over the weekend, I scoured the Internet and put together the ultimate gift guide that consists of suggestions for the gent on your list who is more polished than the penny loafers within his closet to the man who needs a little help in the fashion department (I recommend option 4 under “Randomness for the Home.”)  From velvet blazers to snazzy pajamas to simple agendas to guide books for the modern man, the list below hits all the major categories including some simple stocking stuffers that won’t break the bank.  My top Christmas lust is a travel trunk from Globe Trotters, but word on the street says that “Santa” said “No.”  What’s  number one your list this year?

PS: My list of women will go live at the end of the week (I hope).



  1. Private Jet Duffle” by Frank Clegg – Frank Clegg is known for producing high-quality accessories in his Fall River work-shop in Massachusetts for the past 40 years.  From wallets to briefcases to luxury travel bags, Frank has an eye for detail that few can replicate.
  2. College” by Stubbs & Wootton – A gift for those who have a….unique…sense of humor.  These slippers from Stubbs will definitely make for a memorable gift.
  3. Silk Patchwork Scarf” by J.Press – Is Chuck Bass on your list?  Give him the silk scarf that Blair Waldorf stole from the back of his limo…
  4. Leather Travel Kit” by Coach – A perfect gift for the man who is always on the road.  Add a simple monogram at your local print shop or fill it with a shaving kit from Harry’s for the ultimate surprise.
  5. Men’s Signal Flag Slippers” by JP Crickets x FE Castleberry – I’m a huge fan of JP Crickets and have had the pleasure of sporting several pairs from the Atlanta-based company.  Last summer, FE Castleberry joined heads with owner Susan Meyer for a unique set of nautical flag slippers that have me itching for a pair.
  6. Reid Velvet Blazer” by Jack Spade – Sure this gift might be impractical, but it will certainly make one hell of a New Year’s Eve outfit for your recipient.


  1. Beadle Jacket” by Barbour – Barbour is my go-to brand for outerwear, which makes it one of my many “Top 31 Gifts.”  This jacket will last for years and will never go out of style.
  2. Cashmere Scarf” by Ralph Lauren – It’s cashmere.  Enough said.
  3. Paul Brown Pajamas” by Brooks Brothers – I think these might be the pajamas of the century.  I was gifted a pair courtesy of Brooks Brothers a few weeks ago and think the design is absolutely perfect.  If only they used the pattern for a pair of dress pants…one can certainly dream.
  4. Lambswool Dotted Sweater” by J.Crew – A great sweater at an even better price.
  5. Hiking Hoodie” by Brooks Brothers – I’m not a fan of hiking, but if it involved this hoodie I just might hike Mount Everest for it.  The two-tone navy and tan design makes one completely reconsider the practicality of the common “hoodie.”
  6. Custom-Fit Solid Oxford” by Ralph Lauren – Worried about getting something that will sit in his closet for a couple of years?  Go with something practical like a simple oxford from Ralph.


  1. Air Grant Driving Moc” by Cole Haan – If you’ve followed me over the summer, you probably have come to the conclusion that I have a slight obsession with these moccasins from Cole Haan.  Generally speaking, the shoe can be worn year-round and makes a great gift for someone who needs a little prep in their step.
  2. Duck Boots” by Brooks Brothers – Need a gift for someone who lives in fierce Winter conditions? These duck boots from Brooks are warm, durable, and can be worn with anything from jeans to chinos to cords.
  3. Desert Boots” by Clarks – I virtually live in these boots during the Winter and have decided that every man should have access to a pair (or two).


  1. Clubmasters” by Ray Ban – For those who have a bright future…or holiday vacation…ahead of them.
  2. Leather Key Case” by Club Monaco – For the friend who still uses a lanyard to carry his keys around.  Help him move on from the “College Daze” with something a little more practical.
  3. Deerskin Driving Gloves” by 1826 – A luxe pair of gloves at a not-so-luxe price!
  4. Artisan Leather Laptop Sleeve” by Restoration Hardware –  I bought this laptop sleeve last summer and absolutely love it.  What’s great about the piece is that it can double as a document pouch for work or even school.
  5. Aviator Over Earphones” by Skullcandy – The retro-design on these headphones make these an instant place-holder on my holiday gift list.  The price is a bit steep, but can you really place a value on a noise-free flight?
  6. Martha’s Vineyard Enamel Cufflinks” by Tipsy Skipper – A killer pair of cufflinks at a reasonable price.


  1. USB Phone Charger” by Triple C – I own one of these and use it religiously when I travel.  It’s a cheap solution for those who are more practiced (or obsessed) with social media.
  2. Shave Formula” by Baxter – Men like a clean shave, but will love one that doesn’t hurt or leave any wiskers behind.  This shaving formula by Baxter is a great gift for the man who seems to have “everything.”
  3. Pour Homme Fragrance” by Lacoste – I’ve been wearing this cologne for awhile now and like it for its subtle scent.  Forget the “Fierce” cologne by Abercrombie & Fitch and go with something he can use for the next two (or four) years.
  4. Poketo Agenda” by Jack Spade – Need to get something for someone who has to write in when they’re going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Give the gift of organization and let him start off the new year in style.
  5. Monogrammed iPad Case” by Boulevard – A memorable gift that will make watching Netflix a little more enjoyable.


  1.  “Laundry Bag” by Izola – A bag that will make doing laundry a little more enjoyable for the college student on your list.
  2. Anchor Bottle Opener” by Mark and Graham – Perhaps there’s a wino on your list?  This bottle opener will make him think of you every time he opens his favorite bottle of red.
  3. Monogrammed Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker” by Mark and Graham – I’ll take my drink shaken and not stirred…oh, and that monogram is quite nice as well.
  4. 50 Things Every Young Man Should Know” by John Bridges & Bryan Curtis – I think the title sums up the reason why this book is on my list…
  5. How to be a Man” by Glenn O’Brien – Another book recommendation in case you need to politely drop a hint to your not-so-polished friend.

Happy Holidays!



  1. Jason

    Pretty cool post. Gave me some great ideas on what I should get! I like your choice of cologne for the holidays with pour homme. Not bad… I think I’m gonna pick up that book of 50 things every man should know.

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