The Starboard Sea

One L Book004Manhattan penthouses.  New England summer estates.  Scandal.  The Starboard Sea by Amber Dermont has been on my reading list for months having heard great reviews from a few of my friends.

The novel is told form the point of view of Jason Proper, a young teenage boy who grew up in the world of elite affluence who prefers to sail with his best friend, Cal, instead of interacting with the carefully guarded world he lives within.  With Cal committing suicide during their Junior year at Kensington Prep, Jason is forced to move private schools that puts in motion a whole new story of love, betrayal, and scandal.  While the book is not the lightest of reads (a bit depressing at times), there are a number of great lessons that can be taken from within: the cost of recklessness, the pain that comes with love, as well as the pure gratification that accompanies victory.

I’m usually not a big fan of sappy books, but The Starboard Sea was an awesome read.  The unexpected plot twists kept me on edge as the book captivated my attention and enthralled my imagination.  Though the book did have it’s serious moments, I felt it told an inspiring story of a boy trying to find his center before leaving his high school years behind him.  So pick up the book and get lost in a great story.

PS:  My Fall Summer Reading List will be published next week.  If you need some good book recommendations now, take a look at my Summer Reading List here.



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