Rowing Blazers Book Launch

Rowing Blazers Book Launch002 copyLast Tuesday, I attended Jack Carlson & F.E. Castleberry’s Rowing Blazers book launch at the new Ralph Lauren store on 5th Avenue in New York City.  The space was packed with over 700 invite-only guests sporting current – and past – rowing blazers from their respective clubs.  Seeing that the closest I’ve come to rowing is exercising on an erg, I did my best to “fit in” and slipped into a bold striped jacket from Jack Wills (last featured here) drawing the rest of my inspiration from the photographs within the book we were all there to celebrate.

For those of you who do not know, Rowing Blazers chronicles the distinct history, style, and purpose of blazers worn by rowing athletes throughout the world.  From Auckland, New Zealand to Oxford, England the book “takes readers into a colorful, privilege world of ancient rivalries, storied institutions, and world-class athletes.”  For more about Jack Carlson, you can read the interview I did with him here or learn about the book on Amazon.

While we’re on the topic of Ralph Lauren, I actually ended up going back to the store the following afternoon to grab a cup of coffee from Ralph’s Coffee located on the second floor.  The shop is small, but is comfortably tucked away in one of the corners of the building surrounded by tall glass windows that allow the sunlight to pour in from the street.  The space was simple and actually quite cool to hang out in before browsing throughout the store.  Since Ralph Lauren is offering 25% off your entire purchase, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite soon-to-be acquisitions featured below.

PS:  Special thanks to Jack Carlson and F.E. Castleberry for the invitation. The event, people, and blazers were all spectacular.


Rowing Blazers Book Launch003 copy

This girl looked like she belonged in the 1920s.  It was fantastic.

Rowing Blazers Book Launch004 copy

Jack signing books.

Rowing Blazers Book Launch006 copy

A vintage Rowing Blazer featured on the main-table of the new Ralph Luaren store.

Rowing Blazers Book Launch007 copy


Rowing Blazers Book Launch010 copy

An iced coffee from Ralph’s Coffee.

Rowing Blazers Book Launch012 copy

Seating area outside of the main coffee shop.


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