1. Trish

    I have two questions, the first is for J.Bradley and the second is for both.

    1.What’s the key to starting a successful business at such a young age? How do you get people to take you seriously? Also how did you get your start?

    2. What is the future for PKP and J.Riley? Do you plan on branching out further than a blog/clothing line?

    • J.Bradley

      1) I would say that the key to starting a business, at any age, is doing it for the right reasons. Nowadays, too many people start businesses out of the sheer desire to make a quick buck. With that mindset, you’re never going to be able to create something that people can fall in love with. Rather, start a business because it is truly what you love to do. Everyday, I genuinely look forward to designing, marketing, and working with manufacturers all in attempt to propel the J.Riley brand to where I want it to be. This factor in itself is the reasoning behind any and all success J.Riley has endured thus far.

      2) Getting people to take you seriously, no matter what your age is, all comes down to your professionalism. If you show how serious and committed you are about the work being done, the receiving end will never second-guess you. This can be done by displaying strong organizational skills or adhering to standard industry practices.

      3) My first experience with anything business or fashion was a couple of years ago on Black Friday. A friend and myself went to our local mall to try and find some pieces to add to our wardrobe but failed to find anything that we were interested in. As a result, we decided that we were going to try and make our own clothes. From there, we went to Wal-Mart and bought a few blank t-shirts, and then preceded to try and iron on some designs we printed out from Microsoft Word. Even though it was an utter disaster and everything caught on fire, it was that day that I realized that I wanted to start designing clothes.

      4) Future plans for J.Riley entail expansion into a few other product categories not previously explored, and dropping a few less successful categories. We intend to focus on a few core products that are in the midst of being manufactured. It is our hope that these products will evolve to be the staple items of the J.Riley Brand. Beyond that, we have plans to expand our brick and mortar retail presence as well as smaller projects such as our college ambassador program.

    • Dean

      I think the future of PKP is pretty blurry at the moment, but we definitely have a few long-term goals with mine being the growth of the blog. I would love to eventually turn the PKP blog into more of an “online magazine” with multiple contributors writing on dozens of topics that I am unable to do myself. I would still be writing and creating content, but my role would be more of an “editor” allowing me to focus on long-term projects with brands and contributors.


      • Jack Fox

        This is an idea that I’ve been toying around with, too. I love the idea of a collaborative magazine with bloggers or maybe smaller influential people that don’t really do that much blog content on their own, but could contribute in a big way to a collaboration as a writer.

        • Dean

          That’s exactly what I was thinking. I think there are so many people who have great knowledge about particular topics, but don’t have the time – or ability – to create a blog that needs to be updated on a regular basis. It’s certainly a dream, but I’m confident I can make it happen.


  2. Mariya

    First, you guys are adorable. Honestly J.Bradley’s bone structure, phenomenal. Love the blog as well!
    Q: How supportive were your friends of your projects? I’ve wanted to start a blog or a youtube channel or something creative for a long time now, but I don’t want to just do it for fun. But in my town no one supports anyone else, and I feel like everyone has a blog now I dont know how to stand out and get followers if I cant network or through the unsupportive people I know. Any tips? Help!

    Ps. I know its tasteless to discuss money, but how do you guys afford such crazy awesome clothes?

    • J.Bradley

      In my personal experience, I’ve been lucky enough to have a great deal of support from my friends and family. With that being said, there have still been a few individuals who have looked down upon or even ridiculed the work I have done with J.Riley. I’ve learned to look past them because no matter what people say or think, I really enjoy doing what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything else. If you really want to do something, such as start a blog or YouTube channel, I would encourage you to adopt a similar mindset. The enjoyment and satisfaction you will get from doing what you love will far over mount any negativity you receive. Best of luck!

    • Dean

      Question 1: Well, when I first started PKP none of my friends knew I was behind it as I only told a handful of people considering my once anonymous status. After going public last February, I was pretty surprised to see the support given to me by both friends and people I knew as acquaintances at best. If I were in your shoes? I would forget what anyone else thinks and go create something of your own. Sure the blogging market is saturated, but it’s saturated with a lot of people doing, talking, and posting about things that aren’t that interesting or “new.” If you really want to stand out, talk about something different and don’t be afraid to put your own spin on it.

      Question 2: I would by lying if I said that my parents did not financially support me, however, I do take an income from PKP that allows me to travel, eat, and purchase things on my own dime.


  3. Andrea

    Hey guys!
    How do you manage a social life, with school and work? I’ll be working about 53 hours a week, and taking two classes and I have no idea how I will manage to breathe.

    • J.Bradley

      Balancing all of the above has certainly been challenging, but not impossible. I’ve found that establishing a daily exercise routine, for me it’s rowing, is incredibly beneficial to your mental health. While it may seem to do the opposite at first, I really think it would help allow you to get a few breathes out… In terms of a social life, I tend to spend the majority of my free time with a close group of friends doing things that are not overly exhausting, allowing me to use the majority of my energy on things such as J.Riley or school (usually in that order…).

    • Dean

      Managing numerous responsibilities is difficult no matter who you are or what you’re doing. With that being said, I think different methods work for different people. For instance, I typically work all day during the week in order to enjoy my evenings – and weekends especially – to spend time with friends or go do something that interests me. In addition to that, I try to stay ahead with deadlines especially if I know a busy week is coming up. If I were you, I would utilize the calendar on your phone/computer or go “old-school” and buy an agenda to house your weekly work schedule, assignments for class, and any other appointment/meeting/get-togethers that might come your way.


  4. Lornee

    Do you think dressing “preppy” is a lifestyle or just taste? Like do you think it’s weird if someone isnt wealthy, wears bargain “prep inspired” outfits (I mean like $5 polo’s and $20 Lilly inspired dresses), does yoga instead of rowing, and goes to a community college instead of a top University but still dresses preppy? Also, true or false: at least one of you have read a Lisa Birnbach book.

    • J.Bradley

      Generally, I associate the word “preppy” with a fashion style, rather than an overall lifestyle. It seems as though most people tend to connote the word with being wealthy, but that is far from how it should be. To me, being “preppy” is having staple items and getting the most out of each item. An individuals surroundings don’t make them “preppy” or not, it is simply how they style themselves. Regarding your final question, I cannot speak on behalf of Dean but true: I have read two Lisa Birnbach books.

    • Dean

      Question 1: To be honest, I think the word “preppy” is really ambiguous term these days that’s varies by definition from person to person. In my mind, “preppy” is certainly an exterior appearance, but I think it also plays an important role in who you are as a person. I don’t believe you have to go to an Ivy League school, row crew, wear third generation Bean Boots, and be a descendant from someone on the Mayflower to consider yourself “preppy.” Wealth, clothings, cars, and second homes are all “stuff” that make no one more “preppy” than the next.

      Question 2: A big TRUE for me.


  5. Joe

    So I am in the midst of a weight loss journey and the most exciting part is the chance to overhaul my wardrobe since nothing fits (in a good way!). What are some suggestions you have for temporary staples that are affordable and essentially I’ll only (read hopefully) need for 6-8 months then have to get a smaller size. Keeping in mind my office dress code is button down shirt and khakis or slacks.

    BTW… love the new look and feel of PKP with J. Riley. I’ll have to make a product or two a weight loss goal reward.

    • Dean

      If I were in your shoes, I would get your existing clothing taken in as this option would more than likely be more affordable than going out and buying temporary clothing. By doing this, you can put more money to your new wardrobe and won’t end up with piles of clothing that serve no purpose. I wish you all the best on the rest of your journey and think it’s AWESOME that you’ve taken on this self-improvement project!


      • Joe

        Thanks Dean! I went to get some taken in and the seamstress said my rear pockets would be next to each other. Guess I needed to get them taken in earlier.

        • Dean

          Ha! Well in that case, I would suggest getting pants/shirts that are end of the cheaper side whether that be from the sale rack or going with for affordable brands such as GAP, Lands’ End, or J.Crew Factor.


    • J.Bradley

      Very exciting! I would suggest adding pieces that can be worn either with your office attire, or all on their own. Examples of this would be a few sweaters, a rain jacket, or a new accessory that compliments the all-new you.

  6. Elizabeth


    I have the Herschel Novel Duffel Bag in Navy with faux leather straps/detailing. I’m trying to find a toiletry bag/dopp kit that would coordinate well with it. I absolutely love the Chapter Dopp Kit (it’s exactly what I’m looking for), but it doesn’t come in navy, and I’m not a fan of the new Royal Dopp Kit. Any suggestions?

  7. C.

    Looking for a good pair of shoes for the fall. What are your thoughts on a pair of suede Bucks? Would they look good with chinos and jeans?

    • Dean

      I love the idea of getting a pair of bucks as they would look great with either of the options listed above. If you want something with more of a “neck,” I would suggest looking at the “Desert Boots” by Clarks. I have a couple of pair and wear them religiously in the cooler months…


  8. Loren

    You finally scored your own isolated, private island that has the perfect grassy beach. Since your fabulous closet takes up the majority of room in your G6, you can only fit 4 more things. What 4 items would you take with you?

    I also think you have pretty phenomenal bone structure.

    • Dean

      Ha! I hope to God I can be faced with such problems one day. My selection would be simple: A bathing suit, sunglasses, towel, and a massive book to read on the beach. I’m going to assume – or at least hope – there’s no cell phone reception because I would be doing absolutely nothing that involved an iPhone…


  9. M. G.

    This one is for PKP-

    I’m sure you’ve responded to this question a million and one times, but do you have any recommendations for starting a blog as far as what platform to use (Blogger, WordPress, other)? I have some ideas and a renewed need to write now that I’m back in the university setting. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

    • Dean

      The platform Brad and I use is WordPress because it’s better formatted for eCommerce. From what our web designers tell me (and let me preface with the fact that I know very little about these different platforms), blogger/blogspot is more “common” than wordpress, however, it doesn’t lend itself as well to selling capabilities. Hope this helps! Feel free to comment back with any other questions you might have.


      • M. G.

        Thanks, thats the answer I was looking for! Thanks for sharing the good things about each, I don’t see myself venturing into E-commerce but it sounds like you made the right choice.

  10. Christina

    My question is for Dean!

    On the website, J. Bradley has the J. Riley store, but are you going to establish a Proper Kid Problems store? I still wear the shirt I bought last summer all the time; the material is comfy and soft, and I always receive great compliments on the anchor design on the back. I wish I bought another design.

    I don’t want you to think that I am being negative about your recent venture, because I think the merge was very interesting and J. Bradley seems awesome, creative and entrepreneurial. But, it seems that J. Bradley is overshadowing Proper Kid Problems.

    I’m not sure what J. Bradley’s brand looked like before hand, but I feel like since the merge, the Proper Kid Problems tradition kind of got “lost in the mix.” For the mean time, it appears that PKP is hanging on to J. Bradley, and as I said, just “mixed in” and less genuine than it was before. I was actually waiting for PKP to branch out; in addition to t-shirts, bow-ties and head bands, perhaps there would be other types of apparel for men and women.

    I imagine that you will have new announcements soon, but I was hoping to see more of PKP other than the traditional (and awesome) blog posts. I hope you don’t think I’m being too critical! I have just been following you for a very long time and hope to see more from Proper Kid Problems (aka Dean).

    • Dean

      Hey, Christina. Thank you so much for submitting your feedback in regards to our merger – it’s certainly a huge benefit to the both of us. While I definitely enjoyed creating my line, production and product development wasn’t something I felt I was strongest at. The line grew quicker than I had ever anticipated resulting in a difficulty to continue moving forward when I had no long-term “goal” in mind. For me, I felt I reached a pivot last fall where my options were to rebrand the line to create products that worked better with the content on the blog or to partner with someone who not only knew what they were doing, but had a passion, vision, and goal for their brand. When I met J.Bradley, I was incredibly impressed with his work because he was doing – and succeeding – at something I wasn’t qualified or capable to do. While it’s been nearly two months since our “merger,” it will probably take the remainder of the year for us to bring together our two brands under one cohesive umbrella.

      J.Bradley and I have certainly talked about creating limited lines under the PKP name with companies who have approached us to do collaborations with them, however, I feel it makes the most sense for me to focus on the blog instead of trying my hand at production – again. While we each have our respective roles in this partnership, everything we do is a collaborative effort. I may not be the one working in photoshop creating patterns and designs for ties, but I’m still sharing my thoughts with J.Bradley weighing in on the development of the line or current products in draft mode. This of course can be flipped around in the same way in that I may be the one publishing the content, but I’m not the only one “creating” the content with Brad regularly giving feedback on potential posts or ways to improve our readership numbers.

      In short, there comes a times when you have to give something up in order to grow. Though we each have our own “visions,” we both share similar goals that help to move us in the right direction. The two of us cannot thank you enough for your constructive feedback and support as we feel it’s incredibly important to hear what still needs improvement. Should you ever have any other ideas or comments, we would absolutely love to hear from you. Thank you again for taking the time to submit this evening as we hope we could better explain our decision.


    • Dean

      If I were you, I would focus more on fit than style. Most guys who are tall – and skinny – are susceptible to their clothes being “baggy.” A quick trip to your tailor would do you a world of difference and help with developing a more “centered” style.


  11. Laura

    Hey there! I have two questions.

    1. What clothes do you find most attractive on girls (style, pattern, cut, brand) ect. I don’t have a fat wallet so I want to be sure that the few things I do get on my shopping spree are perfect!

    2. How would your dream date go? 🙂

    • Dean

      Question 1: You know I think clothing styling really depends from person to person. For example, I think double-breasted blazers are one of the coolest pieces of clothing to own. But you know what? I look like a complete clown in them. Aside for a glowing personality, I think girls are most attractive when they wear what suits their personality and preferences.

      Question 2: Definitely a plush dinner overlooking a spectacular view while sitting across from someone who made me forget – and ignore – everything else going on around me.


  12. Nino Chambers

    yey Dean and J. Riley,

    I’m super happy that y’all have started open talk back up! I have a couple of questions.

    1. I’m throwing myself a dinner party for my 16th birthday and I have already decided on a menu and colors. I wanted your advice about the whole cake situation. I know I’m getting a plain cake (my name will not be on it), and am skipping blowing out candles altogether, so should I serve the cake already cut or cut and pass it out during the party?

    2. I’m coming to D.C. in October with my school and we are visiting GWU! I have never been to D.C. this time of year (I’m from South Carolina) and wanted to know what to wear. We will be staying in D.C. for 3 days.

    3. I’m starting a small bowtie business, because I’m a bowtie fanatic and I really enjoy making them. I just wanted to know if you had any tips or advice since you have experience starting a business similar to mine.

    You are both great role models and an quality people who take the time to respond to these questions. I really appreciate all y’all do for your readers and I’m sure everyone else is too!

    • Dean

      Hey Nino. I’m going to tackle question one and two and then let J.Bradley take number three.

      If I were you, I would probably cut the cake at the table and then pass it out. It’s one of the “duties” of the host and would look a bit better than bringing out a cake pre-cut (unless you plate it beforehand). In regards to DC, you won’t need anything too warm as it’ll be cool in October, but not cold or anything. A light jacket and a couple of sweaters should be perfect.


    • J.Bradley

      Hey Nino – thanks for the question! Right off the bat I can tell you you’re going to do well with it because you’re doing it for the right reasons, not just for monetary gains. From here, I’d suggest adopting strong organizational skills, if you do not already have them, and get as much feedback as you can before you invest too much time/money into any one design or collection in particular. Hope this helps!

  13. Dan

    My questions for both of you guys! We’ve conversed a bit over twitter, but I want to know how do I become involved with working with you two and your companies? I don’t have a business or anything but have ideas and very much think I fit the profile you guys would be looking for.

    Thanks for being awesome and keep up the hard work guys!

    • J.Bradley

      Hey Dan! Hope all is well with you. We’re currently in the midst of designing a J.Riley ambassador program that entails more attention and greater reward per individual. While the program has not yet been fully instilled, I would encourage you to email so we can get your information down for when it releases!

    • Dean

      Hey, Dan. In regards to PKP and the blog, I don’t have any opportunities yet, BUT, I hope to in the near future How about you to shoot me an e-mail so I can get your contact information and chat about a few things?


  14. Ben

    What are your opinions on the hipster/skater/preppy look combined? For example, skinny jeans with a VV long-sleeve t, or tailored chinos with vans and a peacoat. Also, opinions on denim and/or camo jackets/ Thanks!

    • J.Bradley

      To me, typical NYC fashion tends to be a combination of preppy and hipster – so at that point it becomes an all-new style. It all depends on the individual’s personal preference, but that is not the style I associate myself with. In correspondence with that, you won’t find me wearing a camo jacket anytime soon…

    • Dean

      Question 1: I’m not quite sure if I can picture a preppy hipster, but I suppose it exists? Honestly, I wouldn’t advise wearing skinny jeans and vans as that doesn’t quite fit the “preppy” description, but if it works for you then I say go for it.

      Question 2: Never been a fan of camo in any context. As for denim? Not my style, but I have always wanted a leather bomber jacket…


  15. Hayley

    Don’t get me wrong, love the J.Riley brand but I was a huge fan of the Proper Life shirts… any hope on a comeback with the Proper Life logo rather than the J. Riley?? (I really do love the new stuff but also the old!!)

    • Dean

      Unfortunately, The Proper Life will not be coming back. It certainly had a great run, but I’m really excited to be working with J.Bradley on bigger and better projects. I cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve given the line and hope you can do the same for our new joint-venture!


  16. Conner

    Q: Do you all have representatives at schools or universities right now spreading your brad, and if not do you plan on going down that path in the future?

    • J.Bradley

      Absolutely! I answered this earlier. Here was my response “We’re currently in the midst of designing a J.Riley ambassador program that entails more attention and greater rewards per individual. While the program has not yet been fully instilled, I would encourage you to email so we can get your information down for our future referance.”

  17. M

    Dean and J. Bradley,

    Do you fell that “preppy” people get a bad rep? And if so, why do you think that is? I think the style can be so beautiful classy.
    And do you have any tips on coming up with a classy style that isn’t just preppy? I love stores like Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines, but I feel some of their designs can be a bit much (just my opinion) so I sometimes have a hard time shopping at either of those stores (and sometimes the selection is limited). I prefer simple clean lines and patterns…do you know what I mean? I just have a hard time finding “preppy” clothes that aren’t flashy. Do you agree and/or have any tips for finding clothes that aren’t so flashy?

    Thanks guys. Keep up the good work xx

    • J.Bradley

      Unfortunately I think that this is often the case. People tend to associate “preppy” people with individuals who act entitled – for whatever reason. Personally, I don’t deem my style as “preppy” – rather I would categorize it as ‘Ivy Style’ or ‘Trad(itional)’. I get the impression that your style is similar in this way. I would encourage you to research brands that consider their style as the two previously mentioned – I have a feeling you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!

    • Dean

      I do think “preps” get a bad wrap, but that really happens with any kind of style. Whether it’s shows like Gossip Girl or stores like Abercrombie & Fitch, the term “preppy” seems to be used in some pretty…interesting…ways. In regards to clothing, I would try to go for a more conservative look that incorporates less “mainstream” companies. Instead of looking for clothes that are “preppy,” I would look for items that match your description above – clean lines and simple patterns. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve bought things from brands like Steven Alan or Jack Wills that are the furthest thing from “preppy,” but they work with my style and can be adapted to fit my needs. In short, I suggest putting more emphasis on what YOU like instead of what you FEEL you should like.


  18. Emily L

    Hi guys!
    I’ll get straight to the point….
    1. What type of Sperry’s or boat shoes would you recommend for a girl? I’m a senior in high school and I intern everyday at a retail pharmacy so the dress code is business casual and my normal flats are getting worn out! I know this is an odd question because y’all are guys but what do you like to see on a girl?
    2. What type or brand of pullover would you recommend? I don’t need something super girly or bright and I’d rather not spend 125 on a VV sweater…
    Thanks guys 😀
    xoxox Gossip Girl
    lol jk

  19. Mitch

    Hi Guys,

    I am starting my second business now. Just yesterday I ordered the first sample of two pant designs. I wanted to start out with 50 pairs of each design in four different sizes. I know I am going to have to lay down some cash financially, but I definitely don’t want to get myself in too deep. This question may be geared more towards J.Bradley, but what quantity of items did you start with and what did you set your budget at when you first started the brand?


    • J.Bradley

      Hey Mitch, thanks for reaching out. This is a great question that unfortunately does not have a definitive answer. When I started J.Riley, the orders I made with manufacturers were always the bear minimum. By doing so, I would be able to gauge how well different types of products do without investing too much capital. As time has gone on I have been able to look at the success, or lack there of, of each of the orders I have made with manufacturers. I’m sorry I cannot be more helpful in this regard as it is entirely up to how well received the item is combined with the marketing of it. Best of luck & let me know if you have any more questions!

    • Dean

      Of course. Race – like so many other exterior characteristics – bears no influence on who “can” be preppy and who “can’t.” To say someone’s – of any race for that matter – cannot represent a certain style because of their color is ridiculous. People who are truly “preppy” are ones who have dignity for themselves as well as others; are confident in their own beliefs while respecting those with differing mindsets; and – most importantly – judges a person upon their actions instead of what they possess.


    • Dean

      It’s an absolute staple that can be worn year-round with few limitations. If you took away all of my OCBDs, there’s a good chance my closet would decrease in size by over 50%….


  20. Nicole B

    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoy the blog and merchandise! I just have really one concern about this “style choice” we share. I go to a very “hipster/do gooder” school who find that having the finer things in life make you a snobby individual. Now I don’t think as myself as snobby or rude or look down upon people who do not dress or act the same way I do, but I don’t know how to exactly deal with that. So many people judge me just because I show up in pearls and a Lilly dress to class or that I go to the pink palace for vacation. I know that (in the words of Taylor Swift) that the haters are going to hate hate hate, but how do I fit in I suppose? My some of my own sorority sisters look at me like a snob and it really bothers me. I just want to find people who are on the same page as I but at a city school like mine these people are very rare to find.

    Thank You and Congratulations on an amazing adventure and partnership!

    P.S. Dean! One of my best friends Jacqui says she knows you quite well! What a small world, luckily she is one of the few people who understands me! 🙂

    • J.Bradley

      Hi Nicole! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had some negative experiences. I would totally agree with Taylor, though, that girl knows what’s up. I would encourage you to continue dressing in what you genuinely what you enjoy wearing. As time goes on and you move onto the next chapter, I’m sure you will surround yourself with kind, similar minded people who don’t make you afraid of being yourself!

    • Dean

      No way! Jackie was one of the first people I met at GWU. I always thought I was organized until I met her…pretty sure her notes are the reason why I passed my horrid Chemistry class. Anyways, people will ALWAYS judge you no matter how you dress, act, or look. It’s always good to listen to your critics, but don’t let them make you feel like something is “wrong” with you simply because you choose to be you. The only suggestion I can think of is to try to get your sisters to know the REAL Nicole. Ask them to go out for lunch or something casual to show that you are a “stuck up snob.” It’s normal for others to draw conclusions about our exterior appearances, but those conclusions aren’t always correct and usually change after a friendship is developed.


  21. Nino Chambers

    Sorry this is question number four guys, but what is your opinion on wearing a OCBD with shorts and a bow tie (no blazer)?

  22. Catherine

    I totally love you both! My question is for J.Riley I heard you’re dating a rower at Yale! Is that true? I’ll be soooo sad 🙁

  23. Cole

    Big fan of everything you do. I love the classy/preppy style. I have a few questions for you… The classy look can get expensive especially for a 16 year old like me who really doesn’t have a job. Where would you suggest I look for the best prices on quality stuff? The second question I have for you is what is your favorite place to shop? And my last question, who is your favorite college football team?

    • Dean

      Question 1: I think it might help for you to take a look at this blog post that outlines a few ways that you can save money on your wardrobe. The whole idea behind the post is to look for opportunities to obtain quality pieces for discounted prices.

      Question 2: Easy. Brooks Brothers…or Nordstrom.

      Question 3: Ha! I plead the fifth on that one…


  24. Stephanie!

    Q: Hey J! I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your talent and entrepreneurship. It’s inspiring to see someone my own age pursuing their dreams. I’m curious to know, how did you get started?

    • J.Bradley

      Hi Stephanie! I really appreciate the kind words & support. It’s been a ton of fun building the brand so far & I’m really excited about all the more to come.

      I launched the brand in February of 2013 – Prior to that I just really loved business/fashion & knew I wanted to be involved in the industry at some capacity. To get started, I taught myself the basics of creating a website, began going to manufacturers with my designs, and started to market the brand via social media. Since then I’ve learned a ton & have been able to have a lot of cool experiences. All in effort to make baby steps towards my overarching dream of creating the next iconic American brand.

  25. Gordon T

    What are y’alls thoughts on seersucker for a guy? How long can it be worn for and what could I pair a pair of seersucker pants with….?

    • Dean

      Hey Gordon,

      Typically, the “rule” for seersucker is from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. I think this is a pretty small window, so I’ve always gone with the rule of starting during Easter Weekend and stopping after Labor Day.

      In terms of what you can wear seersucker pants with, I think they look awesome with a solid sports coat – such as navy – or even something with a color if you’re feeling bold. The one thing you need to be careful of is to not mix too many fabrics together.


  26. Matt

    Have either of you been on the Dean’s List at your school? That’s my goal this semester. Any tips?

    And this question is for Dean,

    I’m curious to know. You’ve been home from school since December. That’s a long time. Are you excited to go back? Nervous?

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