Foxfield Races

Two Saturdays ago, I spent the day in Charlottesville at the Foxfield Races at the University of Virginia.  I’ve had friends from college and DC who have been going for awhile and since I had a relatively light final exam schedule, I decided to put a small group together and head down.

I didn’t exactly know what to expect and was pretty surprised by the huge UVA presence.  After setting up our tailgate (in raincoats and bean boots) with food and drinks, we quickly became friends with the neighbors to the left and right.  As the hours went by and the rain grew stronger, we slowly made our way down from car to car with sangria in hand attempting to do our best to stay dry.

While the weather was the furthest from cooperative that day, I was able to snap a handful of pictures on a quick venture around the race-track.  Below are a few of my favorites along with some off-the-cuff comments.

Special thanks to the people at the Foxfield Races for letting me come down and pretend to be a UVA alumnus for the day.


Foxfields009 Foxfields005 Foxfields002 Foxfields006 Foxfields001 Foxfields016 Foxfields014 Foxfields011 Foxfields017


  1. Steve


    Alumnus is the male singular form. Alumna is for a woman. Alumni is for a group, either all men or men and women. Alumnae is for a group of women.

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