Bacon & Charlottesville

Last Saturday (one of the three days I DON’T have summer classes), I threw a bunch of junk into the biggest bag I could find and hauled myself down to Charlotesville, Virginia for the weekend.

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We hit up the Cured Fest because a) it’s all about bacon, b) it sounded cool, and c) refer to a.but – before we did – we made a pit stop at the Barboursville Vineyard on our way into town.  My mom’s a self-proclaimed “wine-snob” and so I’ve picked up a couple things from the countless times she’s put one of the poor sommeliers through the ringer at dinner…

Bacon Fest 03

After sampling half a dozen wines and taking some #Instaworthy shots (any of the Octagons are worth a sip), we left Barboursville and headed into Charlottesville.  Because I clearly have no desire to live past the age of 80, I indulged in some pretty amazing foods that afternoon the best being a sundae with chocolate bacon ice cream, bacon whipped-cream, and candied bacon bits sprinkled on top.  Shockingly, that – along with four other dishes I scarfed down – failed to put me into cardiac arrest seeing as the blood is still flowing – albeit at a slow rate – through my veins this evening.


Before the sun sent, I found myself on the absolutely GORGEOUS campus of UVA.  How you guys are able to live there in August without air conditioning is beyond me.  I keep my place at a chilling 63 degrees 365 days year-round.  A temperature almost as cold as my heart…#jokes

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We ended the day at Tavola – this awesome Italian restaurant – because what’s better than finishing off a day full of saturated fat than a plate of carbs?  I got the pappardelle bolognese (amazing) with a antipasti misti (read a slab of mozzarella and loaf of bread on a plat) to start out with.  Highly recommend both dishes if you find yourself there…

Accommodations for the night were in the country.  While Dean and the word “outdoors” go together about as well as water and oil, I actually had an amazing time.  Cell phone reception was 1G level (i.e. nonexistent), but it was really nice to just sit and not give a care about what was going on in the world around us.  Oh – going to bed without the sirens or stupid colleges students drunkly banging around in the hallway?  Well, that was just pure luxury…

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The next morning we all woke up, sat on this absolutely beautiful porch, and…did absolutely nothing for a solid hour.  It was a mixture of silence, a morning breeze, and the not-so-terrible smell of nature.

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Before heading back to DC, we stopped at Forest Diner – the eptiome of “southern soul food.”  The service wasn’t exactly on the standard of “Relias & Chateaux,” but the food was great – I’m a sucker for butter white toast.  #CarbsForLyfe

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All in all, the short trip was really nice.  It was great to get out of DC, leave everything behind, and just enjoy the less complicated things in life.  Charlotesville is awesome and is somewhere I plan to visit several times this summer (*fingers crossed*).  I’ve only been once (maybe twice) so comment your favorite restaurants/things to do below because I’m going to need other things to do other than go into the Yves Delorme store and look at overpriced hand-towels…

PS: We stopped at this place called Pickle Bob’s (picked above) to get a sundae before coming back into DC.  There’s probably more sugar in that thing than your weekly intake but it’s (begrudgingly) well worth it…



  1. Erica

    Hi Dean!
    I’ve been to Charlottesville a lot since I went to grad school at JMU. It’s honestly one of my favorite places to escape to when Harrisonburg gets a little too redundant. I loved Bizou on the Downtown mall for lunch and the Mudhouse for coffee. As for wineries, Veritas Vineyard and Winery is my absolute favorite place to go. It’s in Crozet but it’s really close to Charlottesville. Hope this helps! Love your blog!

  2. 'Hoo

    Current UVA student here! Loved the post and the shoutout! If you’re looking for some of the best Mac’n Cheese of your life, look no further than the Virginian, located on the Corner right off grounds. Its creamy and gooey and basically heaven in a bowl. Anyways, I love the blog, and be sure to check out the Virginian next time you’re in Cville!

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