50th Head of the Charles

“The Head of the Charles in Cambridge, Mass., is the great American crew event, athletically and socially. It occurs the second weekend in October; secondary schools and colleges send shells in all categories in the three-mile race up the Charles River. Drunken Preps line the banks and bridges at Harvard, ready to howl with glee as a coxswain rams his shell into a stanchion of the Eliot Street Bridge (where the river narrows and curves with treacherous suddenness).” – Lisa Birnbach, The Official Preppy Handbook.

J. Bradley and I spent the past weekend in Cambridge, Massachusetts with old and new friends in honor of the 50th Head of the Charles Regatta.  Out of the two of us, my knowledge about the sport is nearly nonexistent minus the minor facts I’ve picked up through reading Jack Carlson’s book, Rowing Blazers.

While J. Bradley practiced on the Charles River on Saturday before his race the following day, I split my time walking up and down the riverfront snapping pictures of well-dressed spectators and hanging around the Brooks Brothers tent that was engulfed with preps.

For me, the coolest part about the weekend was being able to meet “our” readers from the Boston area. It was a pretty surreal experience to have people come up, introduce themselves, and talk about how they found out about the blog or why they continue to read. As cliché as it sounds, it was a humbling moment that reminded us that we can’t do what we do without the support of our readers.

With my first HOCR as a spectator and J.Bradley’s as a competitor now behind us, we say goodbye to Boston and look forward to next year’s competition. Below are a handful of snaps I took throughout the two-day event consisting of rowers, spectators, and even a couple of readers.

PS: A special thanks goes out to the Brooks Brothers staff for including us in their HOCR tent that allowed us to meet some great people. Our only regret is that we wished we could have met more of you!



The Brooks Brothers BB1 Single Scull

A vintage rowing polo worn by one of the competitors.


J.Riley Lapmoore Loon Belt

Noteworthy: Barbour Beadnell Jacket
HOCR009One of the founders of Harbor Hill


Rebecca “Becky” Plaine sporting fairisle.


Al of Regatta and Repp TiesHOCR016 HOCR018

Miguel of the University of Pennsylvania Crew


Brooks Brothers limited-edition HOCR tie.


Susan Meyer of JP Crickets wearing an Hermės scarf. HOCR031

Crew about to mush off from the dock.


Red rain boots by Joules.


Princeton “P.”


Layers and a laugh.HOCR005


    • Dean

      The weather was beautiful on Friday & Saturday, but got really cold on Sunday. Nonetheless, it was a great weekend with some great people. Glad you enjoyed the post and I hope you’ll be able to make it out there next year!


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