Saving Money On Your Wardrobe

Listen up penny pinchers, college students, and anyone who lives for the four letter word SALE.  I’ve been wanting to write this post for months and with a recent influx in e-mails that pertain to this exact subject, I’ve decided to block off a few hours and write down my thoughts on something we could all benefit from.  I’ll be pointing out a few websites and tips I’ve picked up over the years that have allowed me to save some cash while indulging in my favorites labels.  Here are my recs:

  • RueLaLa – Yea, I talk about RueLaLa all the time, but it’s with good reason.  RLL is an online website that sells clothing, home accessories, and even vacations at substantial reductions.  You can set up e-mail alerts on your phone, browse upcoming boutiques on the web, and even download the app while on the go.  Since becoming a member last year, I’ve scored Brooks Brothers ties for $19.95; Cole Haan loafers for $85.00; as well as a handful of shirts, blazers, and even gifts for friends at a price that doesn’t make me wince.  So, sign up.  Now.
  • Gilt – Gilt is a lot like RueLaLa, however, their sales are incredible.  More importantly, their collections/boutiques are solely focused on clothing and accessories instead of home good, trips, and random sponsored labels.  In case you aren’t sold, they also have a great rewards program that gives you exclusive (and early) access to their daily sales.  Oh, and their customer service?  Amazing.
  • MR PORTER – This one is just for you gentlemen – sorry, ladies.  Mr Porter features luxe brands spanning everything from Gucci to Stubbs & Wootton.  While their price point is certainly on the higher end of the spectrum, they are always liquidating inventory giving their customers a great reason, and deal, to splurge on themselves.  J.Press, Brooks Brothers, and even Gant are all frequent brands that appear on the website on a regular basis.  If you haven’t checked out the website, you’re really missing out.  Word of advice: Don’t keep your wallet at arms’ reach.
  • HauteLook – I’ve only used this website a handful of times, however, the selection they carry is phenomenal.  While I will admit that they sell a number of labels that I have never heard of before, Gant, Billy Reid, and even Mark McNairy are constantly being featured.  In short, HauteLook can be hit or miss with their sporadic sizes, but if you dig hard enough you can always come out victorious.
  • One Kings Lane – One Kings Lane is more for home goods, however, they are the best when it comes to items with age.  From top-tier watches, to luxe bags, to rich accessories, if it’s vintage you seek – seek not further.
  • ShopBop & EastDane – One’s for girls.  One’s for men.  I’ll let you do the math.  While both websites are more like online department stores, the two excel at finding unique pieces from smaller labels unlike the websites above.  In short, ShopBop and EastDane are great if you’re into the trends.
  • Shop The Sales – This may be a no brainer, but people seem to forget about the sale rack while shopping online or in store.  Do you need a pair of shorts in December? No.  Will you need one in less than four months?  Probably.  I’m not saying you should wipe out clearance in your prospective size, but when stores like J.Crew, Ralph, or any of the other big names are having “__% off sale,” you need to roll up your sleeves and do a little searching.
  • Student Discounts – STUDENTS.  YOU HAVE RIGHTS.  REALLY GOOD RIGHTS.  Below is a complete list of the stores that give students discounts.  The only downfall is that you literally have to be in the store to use them.  #Compromises
  • Stay Informed – Waking up to the plethora of primatial e-mails certainly gets old (REALLY old), but staying informed is probably the best way to catch a deal.  From flash sales to special promotions, those blast e-mails can actually work to your advantage.  Remember, you can always swipe away the ones that don’t interest you.  Think of it as a morning exercise…

Happy weekending.



  1. Matthew

    Is MR PORTER strictly a website that sells designer items at retail prices? Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t see any “sale” on this website.

    • PKP

      Great question. So Mr Porter doesn’t have sales on a daily basis, however, when they do there are some amazing deals to be found. Usually their best sale is the “After Christmas Sale” where they have items marked down up to 70%, but it all depends on their inventory levels. In my opinion, I would just sign up for the newsletter so you can be on the first to know when there’s an upcoming promotion.

  2. Emily

    I totally disagree about One Kings Lane- have you ever actually ordered off there? It can be total junk…i’ve seen pieces on there and when you google they sell the exact same piece of furniture on walmart’s site. Same brand. Walmart. usually for less. the pics look good but it’s junk/particleboard.

    • PKP

      The only items I’ve ordered off of One Kings Lane are vintage pieces. When it comes to furniture or anything else, I don’t have any experience with the company…thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. CRJ

    For those that are not in college check with your parents to see if they get any corporate discounts. My mother works for Duke University Hospitals and was able to get a 15% corporate discount. Which unlike my student I.D. can be used online.

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