New Year’s Resolution 5: Diversify Closet

After cleaning out my photo library last month in order to free up space on my computer, I realized that my style has become a bit too predictable.  Predictable in a sense that my closet is dominated by a select handful of labels, clogged with repetitive pieces (example: fifteen white button down shirts…that’s not an exaggeration by the way), and a little…boring…to put it lightly.  While there are a number of items I own that are simply over-the-top (this jacket from Jack Wills as well as this pink sport coat that I wore for Easter), the heavy concentrations at the “too boring” and “too much” ends of the fashion spectrum have me ready for a bit of a change.

For 2014, I want to slowly move away from some of the mainstream brands I buy from by incorporating new pieces that have a slight sense of modernity to them.  While I can guarantee I won’t be wearing Armani suits or Lanvin shirts, I don’t think the occasional v-neck would kill me.  Who knows…I might even incorporate the one color I constantly steer clear of – black.  Though my style has always been consistent throughout my life, it seems to have stopped evolving over the past year which has me playing catch-up.

The point of this last resolution is that sometimes our closets just become too predictable of our own good.  We buy the same checkered shirts, the same chinos, or the ever-so-popular navy sweater until our wardrobe essentially becomes replicated three times over.  Though many of you may be getting the idea that I’m making a style pivot, it’s more of a style extension that I’m seeking than anything else.  We each have our own style and I don’t believe we should be “limited” by the ubixtous labels we place upon ourselves.  While preppy, hip, and conservative are all valid terminologies, they are only umbrella terms that have hundreds of adaptations beneath them.

So, get ready for a little update.  I’ll always see my Brooks Brother blazer as my wardrobe staple and my fleet of Ralph Lauren oxford essential every-day-pieces, however, sometimes it’s nice (and necessary) to mix things up.  While it’s certainly easier to remain in the “preppy” square box, I think it’s important to have a well-developed closet that keeps things fresh, interesting, and true to our core style.



  1. Josh S.

    A little behind; c’est la vie.
    I just came across this blog post, and found it quite interesting.

    For the most part, my wardrobe has been plagued by the same enduring span of colors and, dare is say ‘styles’ for years now. However, slowly but surely, I have been adding a few new pieces to the mix–and branching out like I never have before!

    It’s funny that you mentioned Armani… and v-necks. Actually, I purchased a few Armani v-necks a while back and have received nothing but compliments and a few extra turned heads. Paired with a great pair of chinos, the Hermes belt, loafers, and the traditional blue blazer… a classic combo with modernized twist.

    • PKP


      Glad to hear you have found success in branching out. The reason why I mentioned “Armani” was more for stylistic purposes (i.e. leather pants, deep cut shirts, etc.) – I have nothing against the brand and think many of their suits are gorgeous.

      Definitely a worthy look you have going on. I might have to steal a page from your book and try it out myself. Thanks for the recommendation, Josh.


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