New Year’s Resolution 4 – Friendships

We all have our own definitions of the word “friend,” however, I think we can all agree that a friend is one who has our backs no matter how bad the odds are stacked against us.  In my mind, a friend is an “unofficial family member” who encapsulates the love of a mother, the strength of a father, and the camaraderie of a sibling.  While some friend groups are big and others are small, we will always have that one person to rely on during our failures, triumphs, and everything in between.

When it comes to friends, 2013 was an interesting year for me.  If there’s one thing I learned it’s that friends come in all sorts of shapes and sizes entering our lives in the most unexpected of times.  As I flip through my most recent text messages, I see that my closest friends are actually farther away, in terms of distance, than ever before.  More importantly, many of these people are significantly different in terms of exterior appearances, convictions, and age that have my core friend group more diverse than ever before.  The result?  These once-acquaintances-now-friends have pushed me out of the comfort of my bubble and into a space that has zero confines with the ability to learn from an assortment of new perspectives.

With 2013 being a year marked by sacrifices as a result of my choice to continue to pursue PKP, I think I might have put myself a little too high on the priority list.  While ever year has its collection of difficulties and responsibilities, mine seemed to take precedent over everyone elses’.  So, my plan for this year? Drop the “too busy” charade and be more proactive about reaching out to close friends who have helped me make it through this past year with my sanity intact.

My point of all this?  Friends are more important that any bullet on our to-do-list.  While we must always have goals to aim for, we can’t reach the finish line without a little encouragement.  With 2014 marking the beginning of a new chapter, I hope to double the good memories and remind myself that it’s ok to take a break (or two) from life’s responsibilities.  After all, what’s the point of success if you have no one to celebrate with?

“Friendship is like money, easier made than kept.” -Samuel Butler

PS: Sorry for the deep/depressing/serious posts…one more New Year’s Resolution to go and then it’s back to the more pleasant topics.




  1. I love this. I myself always find it hard for me to let people in and to prioritize friendships over my own time and it’s definitely something I need to work on!

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