Dina Joanna

Dina HeadshotHi! I’m Dina. I’m currently getting my masters in marketing at NYU.  I love adventuring around and photographing the beautiful places and people of New York, as well as eating my way through the city.  I started my own photography business taking high school senior photos in Tampa, and wasn’t sure where to begin starting over with photography when I moved to NYC – then Dean tweeted he was looking for a photographer in New York, so here I am!


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Cincinnati, Ohio



Cats (even though they don’t love me), grilled cheese (only if it’s crunchy), and finding new snapchat filters (why travel somewhere if ti doesn’t have a snapchat filter?!?!)



The sound of people chewing.  Especially gum.



Half Ecuadorean (Having two passports is really fun)



English (and an embarrassing little amount of Spanish)

Fun Facts

I’ve been to 37 countries across 5 continents – going on Semester at Sea really helped add to my count.

I used to play steel drum

I’ve been a vegetarian since 7th grade.


Internet Crush



Worst College Experience

Graduating.  Don’t ever leave college.



Sample sales, overpacking, & procrastinating.

Favorite Books

Anything by Sophie Kinsella.


Binge Worthy TV Shows

Gossip Girl & Pretty Little Liars (I’m the most #BasicWhiteGirl)



Photography (duh), traveling, & napping.


Currently In Love With…

New York City


Places I Hope to Instagram

Antartica (do you think they have a snap filter?) & Australia to finish the 7 continents on my Insta-map.