Sam - HeadshotSamantha is my name, although I’m better known as SJ or SJB by all friends and family. Born in New York and raised in New Jersey, I’m the definition of the Northeast and embrace Manhattan filth. Abiding by my parents advice to “experience a new city,” I attend college at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. I’m a classical maverick with an edgy twinge due to my love of Parisian fashion. I’ve found my creative side through writing and fashion. I utilize every day to dress up, no matter what occasion because my closet is my canvas: it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Life, to me, is best lived when adorned with anything and everything pink. You’re most likely to catch me smiling, reading/cutting up the newest edition of Vogue, curling my hair, attending a meeting for the one of four organizations I’m a part of, or talking on the phone. Drop me a message anytime.  I love to talk fashion, relationships, life, undiscovered Starbucks drinks, the stock market, and what’s the newest red lip stain you’ve found that ACTUALLY stays on through a workday consisting of six cups of coffee and a few slices of pizza!




Basking Ridge, New Jersey



Audrey Hepburn, popcorn, stripes, family, sand between my toes, friends, my frequently worn Neverfull, Cruella by Nars, New York, and my LL Bean Boat and Tote.



Slow drivers, running, lower eyeliner, tardiness, cheats/liars, and doing the dishes.


Cocktail Choice

Jack and ginger with a squeeze of lime.


Favorite Song

Vienna by Billy Joel



European mutt


Fun Facts

Due to my upkeep of a 97-pair shoe collection my first AIM screen name was Shoefettish555. .

I write with my left hand.

I can sing every word to American Pie by Don McLean.


Role Model

Aliza Licht because it’s imperative to #LeaveYourMark & Megyn Kelly because she is the living proof that women can have it all.


Fashion Wisdom

You do not have to be on #RKOBH to have and create style.


Scent of Choice

Chance by Chanel or a perfume I made myself at a perfumery in Paris.


Internet Crush(es)

The Man Repeller & Blair Eadie.



Swearing like a sailor, justifying my 97-pair shoe collection (and growing), skipping school in HS to binge watch SVU marathons, refreshing The Coveteur homepage every ten minutes during market hours, & cracking my knuckles.

Favorite Books

Women in Clothes,The Elements of Style (more of a guide), A Thousand Splendid Suns, & Gone Girl.



Ca va, ma belle?


Binge Worthy TV Shows

Mad Men, Girls, Nashville, & Southern Charm.



Fashion, writing, eating, traveling, & the stock market.


Currently In Love With…

Vintage Nikes, my new unstained and unworn Jacks, mixing patterns, Paris, pencil skirts, Quay Eyewear, & dry shampoo.


Places I Hope to Instagram

Vietnam, Iceland, Greece, & India.