Dean - Head ShotWho am I?  Since you’re reading this, you’re probably new here.  My name’s Dean and I run Proper Kid Problems – PKP for short.  I’m 21, go to The George Washington University in DC, and loathe pretty much everything about my generation.  I was born and raised in the South and love everything about it – except for the humidity and lack of LTE cell phone reception.  In case you didn’t already get the vibe, I can be a pretty sarcastic person at times but it comes from a good place.  I like to make fun of myself to make sure that ego stays in check.  Like you, I hate reading long-winded about pages so I put a few stats about the prude who runs this thing…Jokes aside, my inbox is always open so pop in a note even if it’s just to say hi.




Knoxville, TN



Navy anything (yea I’m #basic), cheap Mexican food, and big closets.



Attention, boring college lectures, and the Millennial generation in general #TakeYourBaeAndGoAway


Cocktail Choice

Gin and tonic with two limes


My Awkward Period

Still occurring



Greek and a dash of Polish #Opa!

Fun Facts

I wore a suit and tie everyday to Kindergarden.

I never went to prom.

Dinner with friends (and a good bottle – or two – of wine) is my idea of a fun friday night.


Internet Crush

Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific.  She is a goddess and can do no wrong.  Ever.


Worst College Experience

When one of my freshman roommates threw up on my closet.


Best Blog Post

The Preppy Manifesto



Throwing shade, “forgetting” to go to the gym, and hoarding clothes.


Favorite Books

The Help, The Goldfinch, & The Other Typist.



English & Sarcasm.


Binge Worthy TV Shows

Downton Abbey, Hercule Poirot, Revenge, & Law and Order SVU.



Photography, travel, writing & people.


Currently In Love With…

Washington D.C.


Places I Hope to Instagram

Egypt, Dubai, & Spain.